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Optimara African Violets

These are genuine Optimara Violets, developed and grown at the world-famous Holtkamp Greenhouses. Choose from a wide variety of products on this page. Our ceramic pot Violet selections are not only beautiful but will provide your African Violets with the perfect amount of moisture to keep your plant healthy. You may also choose from 53 varieties of African violet by leaf cutting by going to our leaves page here. You get 2 varieties , or 4 leaves total along two authentic Optimara Labels for $14.50 per four leaves. For growing instructions and African Violet plant care guide please click here.


African Violet


Optimara African Violet 3 or 8 Packs
Each order includes either 3 or 8 beautiful African Violets in bloom, individually-selected from over 150 of Optimara's most popular varieties. You will receive at least one bi-colored variety per order. Grown and shipped in 4-inch pots.

African Violets, Set of 3
(Item# AV003) Price: $29.99


African Violets, Set of 8
(Item# AV008) Price: $59.99


Six inch African violet
Six inch ceramic pots
sold separately.

Six pack of 6" African Violets

6" Variety Six Pack

For those who find the 4-Inch size too small!
Introducing our new line of over-sized Violets. Each plants comes in a 6 inch diameter pot for a colossal display of blooming maddness! Try one of our many six inch ceramic pots as a compliment to these large Violets.

You may request a certain color under "notes" durning your PayPal checkout, we will try to honor your request. If a specific color is no longer available, we will substitute with another color.

Here are your Purchasing options:
One (1) 6" (AV100) Violet for $29.99
Four (4) 6"(AV400) Violets for $79.99
Six (6) 6" (AV600) Violets for $99.99

Select quantity from the drop-down menu.


African Violet

Ceramic Love Seat Violets
Two 4-inch Optimara Violets in the ceramic "Love Seat" with a butterfly motif. Each comes with two different Optimara varieties.

Ceramic Love Seat Violets, includes 1 Ceramic Planter & 2 Violets as pictured at left.
(Item# CV423)
Price: $32.95


African Violet

4" Violets in Sage Green Antique Floral Design Vases Set of 2 Genuine Optimara® 4" Violets in Self-watering, Sage Green Antique Floral Design Vases (Item CV412).

Set of 2: $34.99





African Violet

African Violet Featured in a Plum-Colored Berry Branch Relief, Self-Watering Ceramic Vase
One Genuine Optimara® 4" Violets in Self-watering, Violet in Berry Branch Ceramic Vase (Item CV486).

Price: $26.99


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